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Energy:   OPPOSING.  Each person is an OPPOSING FORCE in the ETERNAL.  Treat each other with GREAT HONOR(or else)
Law of OPPOSING FORCES  Playing out the HEART as you recognize the GOD that is you(and i).  Path is Being Presented(man or eternal)...
Law of ATTRACTION:  Each of us must align with all of us(ALL SOULS live in all of us)
LAW OF KNOWLEDGE:  Polarity Raising.  That means that we are in a continous loop(for the better(things will get worse, before they get better))
Law of UNITY:  Opposing forces are representing a PATH in the events we live. Our own HEARTS gains or loses strength(pure)
INTENT:  Acting on the Langauge of your ETERNAL SELF(greater trust(ballancing)) brings out the BEST in us(worth fighting for)
EXPECTATIONS:  WHEN the VIEL is opened, We have to FACE OURSELVES(true eternal self)(re-alignment)
EMOTIONAL ENERGY LEVEL:   ACTION moves the world.  UNITY wipes all discrimination  Our VALUES re-align.

Global Info from a new gift i created.

   I have been trying to expand my way of thinking and have successfully found a pattern.   This one pattern led me to an internal programming within us all.  The gift i created consist of WORDS that i write down that stick out from multiple sources intended to get my consious attention.  These words structures become a crystal ball that i can stare into and find patterns that predict future events.   They predict because my experiences and memorys are like keys.  so when i stare into the words, they bring about events.
 It is as simple as re-programming your way of thinking, realizing that the subciousness is always active. even though the info i get is 100% correct all the time, that doesnt mean that my interpertation will be.  That is why i write down the raw data.
 trust(in knowing yourself) is the key..... there are no accidences or cooincidences(except only through concepts)

This is just 1 successful gift i created.

LAST Updated:   January  16, 2018

Word List and Interpertation


As i always say, "You Cannot Love god, and Not LOVE Yourself(BEING).   What is this "Yourself" that we speak of(in logical terms).

As we try to Validate our own BALLANCE of BEING, We tend to FALL PREY to our own LIMITING LOGICs(false truths). 

   As NO logic is WRONG in any way(in mind), the GOD in BEING is always showing us what is in TRUE HEART(mind and matter).

We speak freely of MIND, as we try to BALLANCE in our own mind the question of "what is 'HEART'"

  The PURPOSE of knowing this isnt just to get a feeling of ballance(to accept self), but allow you to CONNECT with ALL THAT IS(RELATIVE ENERGY).

When we CONNECT with "ALL THAT IS(relativity)",  then there is a DEEPER SIGHT within our own CONSIOUSNESS(FEEL = CREATING and BEING)
that allows us to BE our SURROUNDINGS(consiously CREATE(FEEL)).

We all need to get a sense of what HEAVENS are, as they are the NOW DOORWAY into the ETERNAL(past/present/future as ONE)

    One example of how we fell PREY to our own being can be seen by the Logic of having to pick ONE type of BIBLE over another(worshiping false IDLES).
  Also depending on what continent in which you live, the FORMs that the bibles takes(space shifts) may be slighty Different(Quran or kaballah).
  As we READ the KNOWLEDGE that flows through All BIBLES(eternal), We tend to MISS the CONNECTIONS of what all bibles are saying(puzzle pieces).

  In its Truest LANGUAGE, every bible says "THE SAME THING"(but in different ways).   The concepts in time get distorted and we tend to think the original MESSAGE is LOST.   As we ARE the langauge of the bible(s), the language of every bible is always CREATING ITSELF(through our BEING). 
PAST/now/FUTURE becomes ONE AND THE SAME.  The Simplest Word we use to describe "Eternal" within our Own Language is "Forever Ongoing". 

    There is a BEING(ongoing LIFE) within the Understanding of the language of which WE are written(every possibility is created through US).  
  The Reasons why MEMORYS cannot be scientifically Found is because they are WRITTEN(manifest) within the EVENTS(GLOBALLY) we live(ELEMENTAL).

Every NAME throughout time is a PERSONALITY that WE created within our own BEING as we give clues(from heart) of whom we are.  
Every person within all timelines(Elemental consiousness) are all BOUND to each-other as we are still giving each other TRAITS THROUGH the 'Eternal'. 
The true STRETCHES of the HUMAN HEART lay within the ETERNAL BEING(god AS self(collectively in heart) and  past/present/future as ONE).

As most of us die waiting for christ or allah, or mohammed and all other names from within(taken to literal), they(which is us) then will die without
ever experiencing THEE fullest of true self("I AM").  You have to GIVE(DEFINITON OF light) away power(and control) in order to recieve POWER().
In order to Experience True Self, you have to BE the ETERNAL LANGUAGE(stepping into the logic of the I AM) of which is always REVEALING
itself THROUGH US(laws of nature).

LOGIC(LOVE BEING  THE HIGHEST) is NOT JUST A WORD we throw around, but the SOURCE(HIGHEST) of how much BRAIN POWER(FLOW) is used(mind to matter(GOD gene(DNA))).

LOVE(100% OF BRAIN) is  the HIGHEST LOGIC that flows through OUR OWN BEING(collectively).   Our Past Selves for example have always WORSHIPED the SUN AND MOON, and plants, and have always GIVEN(intertwined) Names(Life) to each SOUL(SOURCE OF LIFE) BOUND IN TIME.
END OF TIMES refers to the Greastest STRENGTH OF OUR LOVE(that we give:light:radiancy) that affects 4000(2000 past and 2000 future) years of activity(WILL UPON EARTH)(through the Eternal)). 

WHEN IT COMES TO BELIEFS, It was never about  the LOGIC that you HOLD in mind, but a trusting(FEELing) of what you KNOW IN HEART(true BEING).     If you THINK for example that you are HEALING, then in your own beliefs, you will be trapped in always being in the state of NEEDING TO BE HEALED.  If you KNOW in HEART that you are HEALED(no matter your current state),  then just sit back and wait and allow FAITH(god in self) to reveal itself. 

Secrets of Ancestors(in the NAME of)...    As we tend to think that we cannot change the past, and the future is unwritten, we tend to DELUTE the concepts behind our ancestors.   EXAMPLE:  in true realtiy(eternal), our ancestors(as far back as 2000 years), still live within our own BEING.   to them, we are the Spiritual beings, and they are the matter beings, and in our own timelines, its the other way around.  That means that we are constantly giving traits through each-other which allows manifestations in ALL TIMELINES(eternal knowledge).(prophets use this knowledge to MANIFEST)(again, look at the concepts of CROSS).

If you can understand JUST A FRACTION of what im saying above, then you may be open to understanding HOW Cooincidences are actually formed(RECOGNIZING own creations).  


What i decided to do is to Give TRUE definitions to Words(not to be mistaken as WORD) of the bible(s) and how the translations have not lost its vitality.  Your job is the hardest to do.   What you have to do is  take what you KNOW and throw it out the window.
Temple" does not refer to a building, but instead a place for god to flow through AKA "individual BODY FOR COMMON MIND".
  The body of which has two feet and two arms, and a head is known as a TEMPLE(Eternal MIND(yellow rings) flows through)..
"END OF TIMES" refers to the greatest of OUR OWN STRENGHTS that Flow through the ETERNAL(past/present/future as ONE  and I AM in all things) (Elemental LAW)
"BLOOD"  as all Words in the bible refer to the LOGIC of the word aka FLOW(I AM is in all things, the logical USE of the word BLOOD is FLOW)..
"CHRIST" refers to PEACE IN ALL MANKIND(all timelines).  There is an ELEMENTAL FORCE that we GIVE to when we are all in ALIGNMENT with all other TIMELINES(eachother as the Elements(internal(eternal) world to external(physical) world)).

ETERNAL is what ALL BIBLES ARE ABOUT(HOLY ONE).  Each NAME(law in SOUL) is a GIVING as EVERY SOUL is in all of us.  TO GIVE LIFE is to CREATE SOUL in the world(awaken together).  The world MANIFESTS your HEART within EVERY EVENT.   The UNIVERSE is the SPACE(LOGIC) of the ETERNAL.  THE ETERNAL is that same SPACE(logic = universe) but within the CRACKS OF EVERY ELEMENT is LIFE(frequency) of which BINDS US ALL TO EACHOTHER.   To be ETERNAL is to recognize that EVERYONE AROUND YOU is an eternal BROTHER(trust in self:  self in others)...
"LIGHT" means GIVING(to others).   As every cell radiates from its center point(consiousness), we are all intertwined within a HIGHER LOGIC(of giving(inner strength)).   As "I am" the LIGHT(life), so shall i give life(light) to the ETERNAL(life that flows through all things which as sacred(in us)).
"TIMES"  is the most diluted.  There is an INTERTWINING of all MOMENTS written in HISTORY(past/present/future).  We are the CENTER POINT of all the LOGIC that flows through OUR BEING(love being the Glue OF the Eternal).  "I AM" is in all of times(shared)
"WORD" refers to the MANIFESTATION(Grace) of our own CREATIONS.   Look all around you and you can see your inner logic through the EVENTS that you Live.  Most preachers use the word in the MORE LITERAL sense and has missed the mark.  You try to destroy their logic(trapped) and you will come across a WALL.   WORD(LIFE IN ALL THINGs) flows through the CLAY(of which we shape(our world)).  SOULS are source of word, as OUR OWN HEART is source of souls....
ANNOINTED has nothing to do with OIL.  again, you have to take the LOGIC of the ETERNAL, and see the ORIGINAL LANGUAGE of which the word is used.   ANNOINTED refers to all of us being in the right place at the right time for any situation that may have risen.   Everything happens through PURPOSE(path), and even all of pain has a positive ending(if we pay attention(trust)).  If we UNDERSTAND that god is all around us, then no matter where we are, and no matter what we are doing, there is a TRUST of a force that has us exactly where we need to be(in all of our life).  An understanding of the events of which you find yourselves in(always changing), shows us the path within our own heart(from the god within)....(again souls guide us as they are annointed to LIFE(in all things))

"LORD"  a lot of people distort Lord, God, Christ as being the same thing.   Even though there are ETERNAL CONNECTIONS between all three, there is a DEEPER LANGAUGE within the words.  a PERSON WHO SPEAKS FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF THE ETERNAL is known as a LORD(language).  There are MANY LORDS, even in our own timelines(everyone is a LORD if we live as an ETERNAL BEING).   Prophets and Angles are considered LORDs as WE give VALUE in eachother(PRAISE LIFE in each other as each person plays out the praise that we give from "I AM"(through eternal)).  The ONENESS that comes with LORD is a value in which we LIVE  in HARMONY from EACHOTHER.(recognizing ETERNAL SELF as we are all ONE(holy))

 "HIM"  I expect a Lot people to first reject what i have to say(at first) as they are TRAPPED within their own thinking(you).  I ASK Each of YOU TO LISTEN  before AUTO JUDGEING. ...  "HIM"  refers to the ETERNAL SELF(I AM(COLLECTIVLY shared in the LORD(value we place upon eachother))).   Each READER is the HIM.  You must BELIEVE in your own POWERs within this world, as each of us is a POWER WITHIN YOU.    We can live within our own LANGUAGES, or LIVE within the ETERNAL(not man) BEING(love which is YOU in the WORLD of which we are MADE).  The TRICKERY is exposed as we SEPERATE ourselves within each NAME("i give to thee").   DO NOT throw away power to an IDLE(as religions interper).  but see a GIFT in ALL people, as you(we are HOLY) are the CHRIST(peace in all) in HIM(Eternal SELF(through peace) in others)(ETERNAL HIM(yes), not MAN HIM(no))

SEAL  Refers to the RECOGNITION(understanding) of our ETERNAL self, outside the concepts of MAN. 
  To remove the seals is to BECOME the WORLD, as ETERNAL is I AM in all things(love).  Each of us is a BROTHER to the I AM(greater). we all are part of something much bigger than ouselves(eternal rather than man).  When you LISTEN to the Events, they tell a story, that comes from your ETERNAL HEART(all Time, AND all Space)(all Direction AND all Purpose).

LOVE(I AM in all things) refers to the GLUE that BINDS the Past/Present/Future as ONE(Eternal).  All moments are linked together(shared LIFE).   Souls travel through this layer of awareness(produce SHARED thought).  we are the Intertwining of those souls(IN THE NAME OF).  There is no seperation with our identity,  and ALL that is CREATED.  If you see Evil in the world, even though you may seperate yourself from it and reject it, it is your own rejection and seperation that causes a Disconnect within what you love(your identity).  In short, the deepest part of your MOST INNER LOGIC of BEING, is what is repesented for you as the WORLD plays out your "I AM"(TRUE IDENTITY called Love).  pay attention to what you GIVE to the ETERNAL..


SON refers to "INDIVIDUAL I AM" in Physical FORM(mind and matter).  Even though each Person lives in their own individual body(temple), We are a Reflection of the ETERNAL SOULS that flows through ALL THINGs(source of MANIFEST).   These souls(as we give to in all moments of our lives) are within US NOW, as each person  that died(and still lives) has a resonance(PATH) within our own BEING.   Remember christ means "PEACE IN ALL MANKIND"(point of view from the ETERNAL)

LOVE THY NEIBOR as THYSELF refers to the GIVING BEINGs that we are(affects Elemental).  Each of us share a COMMON CORE.  This Common CORE flows through ELEMENTAL LAW(all things).    Remember each NAME is a law(life in logic).  As we GIVE VIBRANCY to LIFE(in all things), we are giving to the cells of our OWN body(soul world to physical world).  if you create hate for example, your own body(in time(and even before time)) will fall apart.  If you GIVE VIBRANCY in the life of your neibors(and all people without judgement), your OWN BODY resenates CREATION in I AM(eternal BINDING  US as ONE(healthy body)). 

Baptise Refers to LIFE IN ALL THINGS(Elemental LAW(shared soul)).   The Importance of the concepts behind BAPTISE(water element) is the LAWs that GIVE LIFE.  There is a CONSTANT TRANSFUSION(ongoing motion) within the ELEMENTs that allows LIFE to flow through all things(water).   In the Truest Language Presented, there was no DUNKING of heads under water as it is about a TRUST within MIND AND MATTER(no blocks in WISDOM).  As we PRAY, we give to life  AS PRAYING(greater trust) is how things were BAPTISED....

MARRIAGE is the result of Baptising.   In the Laws of the Eternal, there is whats called the "I AM"(THEE).  When you recogize your own CREATIONS within your LIFE(physical events), you recognize the HEART that you gave as GOD flows  in all things.    When you see Life even in the worst of us, your own TRUST in god(nature), allows you to interact with your own CREATIONS(from the collective human heart that is in god(FATHER BEING THE ETERNAL)).   When you fight against someone whom you do not agree with, then you are the god between BOTH(as you fight yourself).   Thee importance again is LIFE(experience becomes ETERNAL as SOULS travel in Events(space)).  Souls are MARRIED TO LIFE, as we are the life that travels in All souls(holy(collective I AM)).

PURE has nothing to do with good vs bad.  To be PURE is to recognize  a GREATER BEING in LIFE of which you are IN ALL THINGS.   PREACHERS INTERPRED LUCIFER/SATAN/DEVIL as a monster that is AGAINST US.  What they need to teach eachother is that LUCIFER/SATAN/DEVIL is the WORST in which we CREATE IN OURSELVES.  EACH PERSON is a LIFE in which we HOLD in our own HEARTs.   There is no sepereration within our INDIVIDUAL I AM vs our COLLECTIVE I AM.  To RID SATAN is to LOVE SATAN UNCONDITIONALLY.   In order to LOVE SATAN UNCONDITIONALLY, you must LOVE YOURSELF, and LOVE OTHERS without judgements.  The LOGIC in which we HOLD TO, allows ANY CREATION to find its SOURCE(in all things).  BE CAREFUL in which you(collectivly) CREATE in yourself....


JUDGMENT As we LIVE in good, and CREATE EVIL in bad,  we lose track of the the "I AM" which is in ALL THINGS(collectively).   You Must love yourself and others as Brothers of god(Eternal BEINGS rather than MAN).   If you worship christ or allah, or mohamad, you gotta understand that FALSE IDLES is not WHO you worship, its HOW you worship.   Most people worship false idles, especially preachers of today.  Do not ADD EVIL to HEART, but instead GIVE LIFE to all things(god in I AM(collectivly)).  Judgement is when the WORLD you live in NOW, starts to fall apart as you have to FACE YOUR OWN HEART(cannot escape yourself).   The physical world is a REFLECTION of your own COLLECTIVE HEART.   The trick is to have MERCY(honor) onto those who may do you harm.   As life flows through us all, we have to see LIFE in ALL(the cells of your own body depends on it).

HEAVEN is always in the EACH NOW.  When you UNDERSTAND the LANGUAGE OF the ETERNAL, you may consiously be able to MANIFEST your own HEART(giving to the ELEMENTS) upon the EVENTS OF THE EARTH(collective radiant in time).. When a person dies(in our logic), its not that they go to heaven  in our limiting LOGICAL version of heaven, but the fact that throughout TIME, we feel their RESANANCE through the events we CREATE(holding space).  Eternal again BINDS all moments(souls) together..   When you die, your soul lives in the LOGIC of MATTER as we are BOUND to ALL SOULs(heaven on earth).


PROMISE LAND represent RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW(in heaven(life is what you make it to be)).   SOULS live within the events we live(names in BEING).  Im sure all of us has felt Patterns within  the Events Surrounding us as though there is an Intelligence within the PATHs Presented.  When PEACE IN ALL MANKIND awakens, each BIRTH becomes a GIFT(leader).   As we are all GIVERS, Life is RECYCLED.   Each SOUL lives in all, and when the ATMOSPHERE in LIFE is presentable, then GIFTS become AWAKED WITHIN the human psyche .   THE FOCUS(truth) in BEING can only be seen through the ETERNAL(in life).

HOLY LAND  represents the WORLD WE LIVE IN(in life).   All the IDEAS out there are based on misinterpertations and create wars.   In the world of the ETERNAL, HOLY LAND represents all of us LIVING IN PERFECT HARMONY WITH EACHOTHER(right now).  If we use HOLY LAND  in a means of a place where we go when we die, then we do not recognize the HOLY in OWN BEING(end of times:refering to our greatest strenghts(in unity)).   To Protect the HOLY LAND is to give life to eachother as we need to TRUST in the GREATER FORCE that we share(as we are ALL ETERNAL BEINGS(in life)).
EVERY SOUL that lives in the eternal is connected to every PERSON on this planet(holy land).    If you are not satisfied that this is the holy land, then you need to PUT MORE TRUST in your own heart as we are all MANIFESTATIONS of eachother(no seperation).  ELEMENTAL LAW listens to the MIND DATA within the subconsious as we all play out processes within the deepest part of our most inner logic(ETERNAL AS SOURCE of EVOLUTION).  The PHYSICAL world and the ETERNAL world BOTH take up the same space(elemental consiousness HENSE Heaven).

RESSURECT  refers to REMEMBERANCE...  Each person who lives today lives  through memorys.   As we are made of LIFE, so do we GIVE ONGOING LIFE.   SOULS(flow through heaven on earth) help shape the world as our own HEART becomes MANIFEST(inner listening:giving life).

KINGDOM as Promise land represents the god in BEING(right here, right now).  As every person is a LAW in own BEING, we must recognize the connections we share.   As the MENTAL aspect of god in BEING, our own DEEPEST LOGIC is seen through ALL OTHERS(people).

NAMEs(Laws of the Eternal)(souls(life) that travel through ALL THINGs)      Every name in the BIBLE is not a physical person, but instead a SHARED PERSONALITY that is within ALL OF US(throughout time)...  SPIRIT:unconsious:HOLY(ETERNAL)  represents all that is within our own BEING(collectively).... Each name is a CREATION of our own BEING when we are in Perfect ALIGNMENT with the ETERNAL(knowledge) (JOIN IN IN THE GIVING - to "I AM").
HEART referst to ALL PARTS working in perfect syncronicity.  The HUMAN HEART for example refers to EVERYONE in existance(past/now/future NAMES).  the "I AM" is linked to the HEART... What you GIVE ENERGY TO is what is manifested(throughout time)(Giving:light)(IN LOGIC).
HOLY represents an INTERNAL ALIGNMENT that BINDS all things together(Eternal Langauge).  As i use ELEMENTAL(LAW) to represent HOLY, I hope to give better LIGHT in understanding the connections that WE share.  Within the LANGUAGE of the ETERNAL, there is an ENERGY SOURCE that FLOWS THROUGH ALL THINGS(PATH set IN LOGIC).   We are that ENERGY(motion)(all mental energy that flows THROUGH the Physical wor(L)d(HEART))(giving(every moment) to the Eternal(has influence in ALL MOMENTS of our lives))
DEATH(energy) in its NATURAL LANGUAGE,  isnt about a loss of life(2nd death).  Instead it is about the Part of  POPULATION whom cant SEE or REMEMBER their ETERNAL SELF(lives as MAN).     YOU CANNOT ESCAPE YOUR OWN HEART...  So what you do in this life WILL affects what you will wake into.  and every person out there in the physical world CAN BE YOU as you RE-awaken into LIFE that is all around you)..  To awaken out of death,  you must REMEMBER that each person in existance is a process that plays out within your OWN HEART(COLLECTIVLY).  we must JOIN in the KNOWLEDGE OF THE ETERNAL(awaken AGAIN).   In short, as life is in all things, if you live your life as a human, you are dead, but if you live the life as an eternal BEING(share responsibility), your are not dead(ALL THAT IS FLOWS THROUGH YOU)(I AM IN ALL THINGS: ELEMENTAL CONSIOUSNESS).

MASSES  in its original context is BOUND to CLAY.  We should have figure out by now that god is all around you, and that the LIFE SHARED is what it is
all about(collectively).   You must understand that as we are ALL ONE(every human and eternal BEING), the masses is the MOTION of the EVENTS as which we live(refering to SPACE and motion).  In our own langauge, we can call the masses "life that flows through all things".  THE WORLD is SHAPED into the human heart as the human heart is how we shape the world we live in.(physical).  Eternal SOULS live within the CLAY of the MOTION of heart(MANIFEST THROUGH THE PEOPLE in all timelines(BOUND))...(source of cooincidences as SOULS)

BEAST represents WARS/viruses,disasters, Suffering and all that flows THROUGH the HUMAN HEART(feel:create).  This is a WARNING to the CREATORS(prophets of the ETERNAL).  The BEAST(in US) lives through the ETERNAL as our own heart is source of MANIFEST.  we must recognize our own CREATIONs as we tend to seperate ourselves from our GREATER IDENTITY.

SATAN(lucifer) is not an entity that will destroy the earth as Todays Religions interper.  Instead, Satan is in HEART(souls in matter) in BEING(Laws of GREATER  I AM).  As the UNIVERSE listens to the DEEPEST BEINGs within our own PSYCHE, we tend to SEPERATE(judge) ourselves from the parts of BEING that we cannot accept within OURSELVES..  to rid the BAD in the world, you must accept that you are that BAD(aligning with ETERNAL).  WE ALL share a responsibility in what we GIVE.   LOVE THY NEIBORS as THYSELF, is a way to rid the bad in which we create in each-other.   As we WORSHIP FALSE IDLES, as christians, muslims, and all other parts of the HUMAN RACE do, we tend to ADD to SEPERATION in BEING which only means that WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE for the WARs in our own BEING(seperation).   Again, to rid satan(devil) requires UNCONDITIONAL LOVE(giving to your "Brothers Of The Eternal").  We are all BOUND TO EACHOTHER(time and space seperates us as a delusion as we IDENTIFY as MAN).

EVIL is not what religions made it to be.   Instead, Evil stands for SEPERATION.  As WE(collectivly) think through the SENSES of a HUMAN(MAN),
each HUMAN has dedicated themselves to EVIL(seperation from Each-other).  The ALTERNATIVE to evil(being seperated) is UNITY(we take up the same space in god(ETERNAL)).   To NOT be evil is to be ETERNAL.   If you Fight against SATAN, then you are EVIL, as SATAN is the seperation that you create in yourself(DENY YOUR OWN CREATIONS).  EACH PERSON plays a ROLE within your GREATER SELF, as we GIVE TRAITS to EACHOTHER(through god(eternal)).  This is where GIVING(TRAITS) comes in.

GIVING refers to prayers(RESSURECT).  As we GIVE TRAITS to all names within our own existance(each-other), the UNIVERSE Radiates and amplifys our Creations Through Eachother(in all timelines).  If you see someone as a terrorist IN NOW, you created that terrorist in the eternal, as he plays that part of your INNER LOGIC(parts you reject in yourself).  The result is LIFE.   When you see a Drunk, rapist, murderer, child molester, it is OUR JOB to BRING LIFE where there isnt any.  You have to take those people that commit those acts, and SEE LIGHT(Life) in them.  Each of us are responsible for EVERYTHING that flows THROUGH our own consiousness(EACH PERSON IS SELF). YOU ARE WHAT YOU GIVE.   Heart Binds us all together(held in mind).....  for those religious groups who ask for money as a way of giving, do not KNOW where true VALUEs lay(OVERCOME HUMAN SENSES).   It is within the LIFE OF ALL(human through eternal) OF WHICH TRUE VALUES LAY.  In GOD(eternal self), Currency holds NO VALUE.

Prophet(giving) Refers to a Physical individual who SPEAKs Through the ETERNAL(spirit) and MANIFEST EVENTS.  Our own BEINGs come from this  Eternal connection(past/present/future).  prophets CREATE Events(of the world) as they play themselves out(Love(giving) that BINDs  THE ETERNAL).   A FALSE PROPHET is one whom takes credit for other's Manifestations.   Each of us Create all the time, but we tend to seperate ourselves from our own creations.
THEE:   Thee represents the "I AM"(collectivly) that is in ALL THINGS.   Through the eternal, BEING love, requires a RECOGNITION of your own Creations throughout all of time and space(through the Eternal).  Your Surroundings(visually), represent DATA of your own HEART(GIVING in "I AM").
CROSS(awakening):  as time goes on, Truth tends to focus in one direction or another.  We tend to HIDE behind EMOTION where we cant see outside.  CROSS(as logical as all other words), refers to the INTERTWINING of MIND and HEART(with eternal SELF).   When you LIVE in the eternal(heart), and SEE through the Eternal MIND(aligning:cross), there is a GREATNESS that flows through your own I AM(cells of your greater body).  The great MANIFESTATION(frequency of GRACE) becomes YOURS(in every timeline).  There is a KNOWING(feel) and SEEING(think) that is involved when you STEP INTO THE LOGIC of the COLLECTIVE "I AM"(heaven aka now).  Through the Eternal, we are all brothers(no judgements and no labels as all Labels and Judgements become MANIFEST).


FREE WILL   is when you remove all blocks(from mind and heart).     Example:  people use FREE WILL as a DEFENSE "to do as you will".  But when you do that, you must BE WARNED. It will be your own DEFENSEs of which you will end up fighting against(later in time).   To set your self free, you must listen to your surroundings, as they play out Parts of your inner heart(I AM IN ALL THINGS).  TIME SHOWS HEART and strengths.   A Captain may win a war and feel in FULL CONTROL, but the true FREE WILL is in the never needing to fight......

WORD OF GOD   Within the LANGUAGE OF THE ETERNAL, of which ALL BIBLEs sprung,  Preachers misinterper "WORD OF GOD" as MEANING that the bible is refering to itself(ink in a book).   BUT  THATS NOT THE CASE.   "WORD OF GOD" refers to PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS as Eternal(source of god) is all around you.   When a PROPHET creates an event(prophesize), they are always searching for validations, as their own HEART becomes MANIFEST(through us) within the world of which they CREATE.  When you are in  alignment with the HOLY SPIRIT(ETERNAL LAW), you will always see your LOGIC IN I AM becoming EVENTS OF THE EARTH.  If you live with your EYES set in misery, then you will lose the connection as you SEPERATE(evil) yourself from yourself.  but if you focus within the LIFE that moves everything, and VALIDATE YOUR OWN I AM IN THAT LIFE, you can see the word of god as you can feel your LOVED ONES ALL AROUND YOU(eternal souls as source of MANIFEST)..

GRACE is the Perfect Ballance of ALL OF TIME and SPACE.  it is the Center ELEMENT(forces) of BEING(experience).  it is the GREATEST ALIGNMENT that binds our own consiousness to the ETERNAL.   The TRUE NATURE of the knowledge that flows through us, needs us to recognize ALL SIDES of ALL SPECTRUMs..   Each Preacher must recognize all GOOD AND BAD as in them(and us).   a teacher must learn that they are smart and dumb at the same time(in us).  and each of us need to learn that we can be HUMAN, and ETERNAL BEINGS at the same time, as THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD(in all things).  When you can let go of all MENTAL TOOLS that keep us consumed, and keep focus on the LIFE in all things, you are able to STEP INTO the nature and its LAWs(say hello in that timeless state(all opposing forces))(god's point of view)(CROSS).....

God's children(Life)  refers to us being ETERNAL BEINGS rather than HUMAN BEINGs  Humans are not bad as interpered.  Its that instead through a greater LOGIC(being), each of us are ETERNAL(past/present/future in  "I AM"(collectivly)).  All evil and good is in each and every one of us(heart).  we cannot seperate ourselves from what we see(create) in each-other.  the WORLD we live in, shows all PROCESSES(from the HUMAN HEART) as the MASSES(through eternal) that SHAPE this WORLD(shared).. SOULs live within the LOGIC of MATTER.  each NAME is a GIVING to the god that BINDS us all to the eternal(past/present/future:in the NAME of).  every NAME(ETERNAL SOUL IN ALL OF US) is Important(IDENTITY in US).
in a sense, we are a PUPPET of eachother's CREATION(s).

DEFY GOD  actually is a good thing.   As Religions use DOOM AND GLOOM to make GOOD sound Necessary, we FALL PREY to our own BEING.
Since GOD is the CONNECTION BETWEEN our HUMAN(Individual) self and OUR ETERNAL(UNITY(collective)) self, we need to recogize that there is a FLOW that is above the human ability to comprehend.  There is a GREATER TRUST IN BEING that allows you to overcome any OBSTACLE that the PHYSICAL WORLD may condition you into ACCEPTING(pure heart).  To DEFY GOD is to OVERCOME any LIMITS that the world(in which YOU CREATE) places upon you.  A greater TRUST(eternal knowledge) in BEING(love in all things) places your HEART in ALL THINGs(manifest as I AM).

TRUTH In Simple Terms, is the Logic that is Shared between more than one ELEMENT OF LIFE(never changes within our UNCONSIOUS).  If i believe in one thing, and someone else believes in the Opposite(in any fashion), then neither one of us Shares TRUTH.    If i share what i think is TRUTH, and you share something else, then Each of us has to let go of something, so both of us can ALIGN(grow) into a Deeper Truth(being together).  
Religion Unintentionally Abuses the Concepts within Truth.   That is why there are as many Religions as there are People(all religions are false truths:  All idles are FALSE).  In order for a Religion to be true, first you have to LET GO of your religion so that you can VIEW THE BIBLE(source) as it is(non-religion).
ALL BIBLES(in all the world), all refer the the ETERNAL(holy spirit:FORCE WITHIN called life(deepest frequency of LIFE itself).    The ETERNAL has taken on many NAMES(in the name of) within many (cultures/languages/religions).  They all refer to the FORCE we call love(OUR CREATING within the Eternal(father)).  GOD is the MOTION of the World, as each of us is a FORCE WITHIN(opposing forces of(as) ONE FORCE).  CHRIST is the HIGHEST HONOR of what we Create in eachother(we are all LORDs in eachother's EYES(heart).. (ONE LORD requires ALL PARTs(no more opposing force within us at eachother))


FRUIT(of eternal)
means manifestation(forces that GUIDE US).   As you CREATE in heart(live) and mind(see), the WORLD shows you your own I AM(in all things)..   Each eternal soul allows manifestation(affects TIMELINES(times)).  Every HUMAN is BOUND to ALL SOULS(masses).

Father(source of life IN ALL) 
represents the ETERNAL(past/present/future as ONE(HOLY) and I AM in all things).  Through the ETERNAL, we are all BROTHERS of eachother as we are all CREATORs in the COLLECTIVE BEING(love in I AM).  You give to the eternal, by being(giving) LOVE for someone else and yourself.  The JESUS(christ) in connection is the PEACE that lays within ALL(human and eternal HEART).  Remember that GOD is all around you, IT IS YOU(and i).  we must RECOGNIZE the Eternal LIFE that flows through all things that requires our own "I AM" for its own existance.
  To recognize the FATHER in its original CONTEXT, you must recognize that you are ETERNAL first(being), and HUMAN last(being).

isnt something that you reach for.  instead, it is something that you BECAME...  As we spend our LIFE running away from the eternal heart, we turn away from what we seek the most.   to BECOME PEACE, you must BE your SURROUNDINGs.  you must recognize the "I AM" in all things.   Heaven on earth and death and life isnt about here on earth vs heaven in afterlife, but recognizing the AFTERLIFE in LIFE as ancestors are at work TODAY(now).... 

What SCIENCE is MISSING is  the LIFE that flows through ALL LOGIC.   and what RELIGION is missing is  the LOGIC that flows through ALL OF LIFE.  Each NAME is a "life and logic" of the eternal.  every NAME(book) is a SOUL(LIFE) of the eternal(in all of us)..  Every LAW that each NAME represents is a LIFE FORCE that binds our own BEING to the eternal(heaven).  look at a human from the ELEMENT's point of view, and recognize the consiousness that is IN ALL THINGS(energy)....

IF you were to take these translations, and reread what you thought you have read 100 times, and look at the NEW vitalitys within the INK, You should be amazed of the info that has been there the whole time yet not seen(because of the seals).  YOU were written with the same LANGUAGE(Frequency) as everything IN IT(even the bible(s)).  ....ETERNAL LANGUAGE....

MORE NOTES:   If you wish to know how the BIBLES were back then, in comparison to how they are used now, you would be able to see(through the eternal), the events of the earth(all timelines).

EXAMPLE.  back then, each BIBLE in NOW was all ONE BIBLE. As many years past, it was torn apart as many people took pieces and allowed the knowledge to take FORMS of  their own.  ALL NAMES come through GOD(HOLY in OWN BEING)
  Now as we LIVE the misinterpertations of misinterpertations, we are teaching ourselves to do exactly what the bibles are trying to PREVENT.  we are BECOMING SEPERATE FROM ONE ANOTHER.
we must LET GO of what we know, in order to see a GREATER LOGIC flowing through our own LIFE(collectivly).  the importance of the BIBLEs are the UNITY in BEING(the KNOWLEDGE that never changes(a greater sense of time)).  I AM in ALL THINGs(source of souls(give life as we are that life)).


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