Measurement of the "SOUL"

     The "SOUL" is the part that lives beyond(time/space) in an area simply explained as "before and after birth and death" (attraction)

We dont realize that our brains create these pathways on an elemental level that we can only FEEL as incoming or outgoing thought().  Our consiousness(level of awareness) chooses the paths through awareness(direction). The more probabilitys(all of us(SHARE) connecting(our subconsious as a whole), the greater chance of a lifetime affecting(connecting with) the heart(connection between all of us) through human traits(expectations(attractions)(feelings of love)). that connection becomes a feeling. Its impact throughout time and space that will linger on as long as you(all of us) can REMEMBER the feelings brought about...

GHOSTLY happenings are our memorys projecting into realitys throughout similar attractions(events).  You got to realize that life(as we think of it) expands outside the concept  of a lifetime. Your choices in life affect each other beyond the physical realm.... our concepts block us from connecting with creative probabilitys that could allow us to see(feel(events)). Beliefs may become our worst enemys.  We need each other's differences to allow yourselves to see that there is much more beyond our own truths. 

What we do now, represents who we are in all lifetimes(events(memorys)(attractions))... each step we take shows our strenghts and directions that represent who we are and what we stand for... the soul isYOUR attractions(similaritys(awarenesses(experiences)))...


EXPERIMENTImagine the concepts out there.  We have inner & outer space, We have time that goes forwards & backwards & parallel.  

we have possible aliens and mind control, and predictions and ghost and anything you heart desires in its own ways of perceptions.

What im getting at is that at our own levels of perception, everything your heart desires(in all its fashions) EXIST.

WE ARE EACHOTHER's PROBABILITYS.  We affect each other in ways that we have no ways of percieving(YET). 

The reasonings above is why things get done when we all come together.  We can defy time and fight it's LURES.

We have the ability to choose the direction of humanity(as a whole).   this is YOUR gift from you(in its highest form)...