TIME(Weighed by Events)
Imagine building a house by yourself and know nothing of how to do it.
   If you were to succeed, it may have taken you maybe half a lifetime while
 reading how to books.   At the same time, also imagine building that same house,
but this time, instead of building it alone, imagine 1000 people building that same one house.  
Each person(common purpose) having 1 skill that others dont have and between
all of them, it may get done in 2 or 3 months instead of half a lifetime.   

This sample should show how multiple events speed up time. 
Each person alone is an event within itself.  Each knowledge they possess enhances
 the direction of events within events.  The outcome was always going to be the same. 

The events within the outcome is how time is distorted from our ways of seeing things.   Instead of
moment to moment, its events within events.   i bring this up  to show you how to use creativity in a
way that opens doorways to the inner self(WHERE WE ARE ALL CONNECTED)........

If you can look at Time in different ways(using creativity), then
between us all, we can see the inner connections that binds us..  If everyone connects with a common
 purpose, Then the subconsious is allowed to use more tools to bring an event about.....

Imagine if the Elements(cells) that keep us alive decided not to work in perfect
formation(sickness).  Our bodys(that took 9 months to grow) would fall apart.  Consiousness would change.

As you think of an experience you had as a child(and its innocense),
You must realize that those feeling are still there(and active).  They are weighed down(burried) with events(life experiences).
 You can see how a future self(as now) can view in on a past events(you in the NOW(imaginations and probabilitys)).
  What could you possibly view as listening now from future selves if that posibility exist(creativity).. 
  Listen to those inner feelings(responses with no judgements).    There IS that connection as consiousness grows(toward the frequency
of love)(we get to choose the direction as a whole(collective as CELLS)).

As you(we) concentrate on an idea, WE emit a frequency(as played out events(probabilitys) at other frequencys). 
Those frequencys attract similary frequencys(law of attraction) that come in the form of events during PUSHes and PULLs.
the elements transfuse physical matter(non physical at our level) into MOTION(mind(creativity) and matter(logic)).

Experiment:    As i mentioned above, try to remember a past memory of being a
child(and its innocents).  What must have been going on through the mind of your
 past self(child sense). How did it lead to where you are now in life..
What does the direction(focus from heart) taken tell you about yourself, and what directions(creativity)
do you believe you will take into a future version of self looking back onto this very moment.

What does that feeling tell you about yourself.   If you dont like it,
then change your feeling on life(new manifestations).  The rest will take care of itself(trust).
  Instead of hating life, find ways to love life.  See if events dont tend to follow.
   The deeper your doubts and blocks are, the longer it will take to get to that feeling.
  If you want to rid those feelings that weigh you down, you must dig deep into the
feeling and find out why it bothers you.  and the more of these feelings(events) you fix,
the faster these great events(miracles) seem to fall in place(magically).

  If you chose to rely on  dis-belief(collective),  then you will never pass the threshold......