ALIGNMENT of MIND, BODY, and HOLY SPIRIT(elemental law)

Its time to align with one another and stop worrying about judgements through expectations(human nature). 
We have to learn what WORD OF GOD(trust/hope/faith(attraction) really means and how beliefs really work.
I will start off by saying that in order to see, We have to set down our RIGID beliefs and teach our beliefs how to grow(like from a child to adulthood)(its time to take that next step).

If you protect yourself from evil(as a perfect example) by defending your beliefs(false prophet for example),
then not only do you make evil stronger(by puting up defenses)(through blocks),
 but your beliefs wont allow you to grow and you will never find what you seek(we will always get our validations to our inner programming through our own limited structures.   Our truths build themselves around our mental tools(from our soul(inner self) sensing your future decision in the past.

One trick is to become aware that we all share the same MIND(god).   We all have the ability to communicate through
FEELINGs that we project as (WORD)PHYSICAL EVENTs(everyone is connected at a physical level(through elements))(WORD)(we are all prophets yet we havnt connected to the god within us).
 As we shape the concept of free will for example, the concepts shape US(added to belief structures).

The data is all around us.   Our experiences become WORD(MIND as phsyical events).   Our feelings show direction....
 and our purpose(unconsious most of the time) becomes truth...

If you want to see a memory, then all you have to do is look at the stars and planets(they follow the same physical laws(elements) as memorys(our thoughts align with everything)). 

The physical world is the BODY which WE ALL SHARE from mind(everyones truths(focus) and UN-truths(unfocus)).
 Our truths( that shapes our experiences) are lived and ever changing.  The events(we experience) become WORD(misinterpered as ink in a book).
we were not suppose to believe in a god(that is seperate, but in ourselves and know that there is no such thing as cooincidence(electromagnetic law)
Of what i learned, and if i go by what i say and believe,  I could still fall into a trap of rejection through conflicting truths through other
portions of self(other people(human HEART)).   If you find your purpose and others reject what you represent, then that tells us something about
ourselves(as a whole)....   Think of it as TIME telling us how much we rejected our being since birth(and even before).   Its now time to RE-ALIGN. 
That means that everyone(feelings from human heart(in all timelines))  has to find similaritys in beliefs and truths() instead of using beliefs and truth to reject all other portions of SELF(creating many religions)....(externally, we are all different(physical self), yet internally, we are the same BEING)
Our thoughts and memorys are the experiences(in physical form) that we live.

Our mind(everyone connected(god)) allows us to electromagetically(and chemically) connect with our surroundings using frequency and rate
to communicate with the elements(elemental EVENTS) that make us whole.  We all share the same physical body which is the reflection of god(mind)(god comes before physical in the bible).   Our expectations(source of judgements) become our experiences.. our ideas(we reflect on eachother) become acuality
Its important NOT TO JUDGE others(unless thy choose to judge thyself).   ONLY GOD can judge(that means that physically, we cant judge. but mentally, we do it all the time(especially religions people).  (why do we persist in worshiping OURSELVES...)

Life is created through purpose(infinity amount of energy).   Any god only represents MIND(purpose(space) and direction(time)).....(attraction)
Our coding is in an invisible field(that we REACT) that i would call an emotional cloud(source of feelings)(THROUGH MIND).  That cloud(eachother as probabilitys) represents OUR inner programming that affects all physical matter for everyone(miracles). 

     If we project revengful(anger and hate) thoughts on each-other(always someone elses fault), then those thoughts always come back to the creator(karma)...
that means that if we are angry at the world, then we power terrorist and give them strength while claiming to be PURE OF HEART(while creating evil and deny responsibility).  We feed on eachother's feelings(creating physical events(physical laws of GOD(MIND(living our own expectations seperately througth our own concepts)). 

The trick is to find the connections and take responsibilitys for ALL of our physical(good and bad) events.   Its easier to fall to the loss of the connection that we share(as a whole) than to know that the source of our own pains come from the DISCONNECTION OF SELF(everyone)...    

Think of whats going on now in our economy where we are falling prey to our own structure of MONEY(gives someone else control of our lives).  
As we think of the rich at the top as evil, we tend to forget who we are(VALUE in ourselves).  
As we lose value in ourself, the value is placed in the dollar(the value has to go somewhere cause its needed).  
  so while we fight for our own independance, our own value is misplaced.   This lack of value in ourselves creates the evil(of the top rich) that gives them power
to control us through our own weaknessess.  We tend to think we cant live without money anymore and forgot what to fight for(children's future and hope for mankind). Only time will show our strenghts.   As we grew up, we see that wars were caused by fighting wrongs.  This anger and fear itself becomes a strength instead of a weakness.  it shows something is wrong and attention is needed(doesnt mean we are fighting for the right or wrong reasons).

same thing with many religions.  If there was one god for example, then why is there many religions after 2000 years.  It cause our own beliefs are becoming our own enemy.
 we have to learn to connect with one another instead of fighting self(using god(in our individual concepts) as excuse).  (if you fight for others, then you are doing GODs work)  we need to learn to listen to our inner voice and fight and connect.  We need to turn weaknessess back into strenghts.  The only way to do this is to find out who YOU are.  and to do that is to connect with your surroundings and become once again what you were intended for.... 

 the next step is to always trust your inner strenghts(and always find hope in everything)... that hope will then find you....  this will allow you to SEE that the experiences you live are your own(not just in the moment, but ALL moments of your life).  and if you listen to the bible and understand what i say here, then you know that not only are we ALL prophets, but also CREATORS of the events.

if we start to lose faith in a higher force, its not cause its not there, it cause we tended to lose faith in ourselves cause we havnt learned to recieve the word properly yet(power within OURSELVES and the affects it has in the world).
not cause we are weak, but because we have decieved ourselves(everything has a purpose).

 To do what needs to be done so you can allow yourself to see that this is real requires your concentration on multiple focuses.
1.  learn your TRUE INNER BELIEFS(your beliefs create fact in physical form).  most people dont know their beliefs, they just throw words around.
2. throw away any blocks.   if anything is possible, the only prevention of creativity is the walls that we have in place.
3.  dont JUDGE.   (satan is the ultimate test), and if we reject the destruction within ourselves,  then you cant connect with your surroundings.
4.  Dont reject others with opposite beliefs,   When i see something wrong in someone else, i have to claim that a part of me is wrong.  This prevents me from judging.
5.  Know that your feelings are not yours alone.  Every feeling comes from attraction, and our focus allows us to connect with others(mentally).
6.  Trust the higher senses.   We all felt a sense of guidance from an invisible force many times throughout our lives.  These senses can be felt, but not seen.
7.  Know that time is not as it appears.  Subconsiously we reject any doings with any events because they came before our actions.   Energys builds before consious action 
   Lets say that you want something highly impossible to happen.  The first step is to know the info i given above is real(also read the bible in this context(will be more clearer). 
 at the same time, if you catch yourself BLOCKING(in any way), information such as saying "i dont belief this cause i believe that", or "devil is getting in through promises of power", or "im not capable of doing this", then you have to trace YOUR inner(not exterior) beliefs that prevent you from growing. 
   At the same time, realize that the more OPEN that you leave the ideas (that you want to create), the better and sooner the outcome(of YOUR EVENT).(lots of variables involved).    The more specific(detailic), the harder it is for the subconsious mind to create(you will still get some variation of your creation, but more rigid requires more time).    Also remeber that this cant be done if the devil(satan) is involved(rejection of satan or others is the devil).  This means that you cant hate or fear or be revengeful(we all have satan within us(until we become one consiously)...  this is how LOVE works(unconditional).  you cant remove satan by rejection, you can only remove satan by loving satan(unconditional love)  no judgements.  If you CONNECT WITH LOVE, nothing can stop you(source of power) or destroy you.. 
  The reason i say that about satan is cause alot of people dont connect cause they create satan in their minds(i hate to see how that turns out(we create satan))

so far, i TRIED(at the very least) to give you a mindset.   THE next step is to do what the bible says(TRUST(not in a seperate god, but in your abilitys(possibilitys)

   The next step is to know that everything happens through PEOPLE and ELEMENTS(events)(OUTSIDE OF OUR TIME CONCEPT)...  when you clear your mind and KNOW your event has a probability, then it has already been seeded.   The only blindness then is your rejection of what you call cooincidence(our abilitys in disguise). 
i gotten to the point where when i want something, it happens within days, but may take centurys to build just for the event to happen at the right time of NOW.

  The best way to give you an idea of whats possible is to tell you what i have done.  
 One EVENT i consiously(situation permited) have done is i wanted to magically poof a new movie into existance("Alice In Wonderland")
i had  multiple purposes(proving to other people while searching for certain meanings. also to prove to myself). i decided to take a chance at the knowledge.  i wanted the movie to be made in 4 months(for other aligned purposes)(remeber i have no physical connection with the movie).  SIX(i picked 4) months later, the movie came out.   when things dont align(six and four), then you have to realize that there are other variables involved(scattered in timed events).   at the same time, the difference in the outcome gives your mind directions of focus for future connections later on.
at first, i told myself that it was just a cooincidence.  but then in time, i was able to do it again and again with more complex situations where now, i COULD claim to be a prophet, but its much deeper than that...  i started to tell people in advance what to expect(always happened and will continue).    this gave me more confidence in myself(adding strenght) when the events happened(persistently)...
i started to open new doorways of the mind.   As  a child, i always had this sense of being guided by an unseen force(many interpertations of god).  what i found out later, is that what was guiding me  was a future version of myself(mind energy and purpose).  when you set focus in any direction, it changes the whole situation.   when an event turns bad, you have to realize that nothing is bad and your mind is trying to tell you something (where to focus).   every element in existance(including stars and planets) have multiple layers of consiousness(intertwined) within itself..

there may be disbelievers(doesnt mean they are right or wrong), so sometimes that puts a fear of puting the information out like i did.   i know that every individual has a gift, but we are taught to keep them to ourselves(causing most pains we experience through disconnect).   most may say the movie thing WAS just a cooincidence(as an example), but the confidence in myself overides the disconnect . we are also able to create weather events(elements).  the disasters as an example(2012), are not happening because of death and destruction predicted, but because we believe in them.  There are many variables involved in every idea.   The disasters have many(intertwined) purposes.  one is to align(longterm) human consiousness with events(awakening).  they(disasters) will continue to happen till we realize who WE are.   another purpose intertwined  is to bring us together(natural flow).  when we get hit by disasters, then the money system and laws of the land change in priority(people permit).  the money system is allowing us to not put CARE where its needed, so our disasters have a purpose to bring everyone together(fight outside our rigid(unnatural) systems..  we know that when bad things happen, thats when we tend to come together    the reason we are always STILL HERE is cause god creates(trust/hope/faith), while satan(frame of mind), destroys(guilt/anger/fear).   our mind will not destroy itself... (trust/hope/faith in the events knowing(YOUR CONNECTION) allows you to connect with the god in US.) 

now go out and find patterns(scattered in space and time) set by your lifetime beliefs and find the connections(you being the source of your experiences) and align mind with physical....
 one more NOTE:   i noticed that if i make a mistake and learned that there ARE NO MISTAKES, i noticed that when i write one word down, and find out later it was the wrong word,  everything happen on purpose and everything is of value so even the mistakes are important.    the awarenesses brought about creates new ideas(direction) allowing more doorways of the mind to open...

when in the bible, it says that MIND(god) comes first, it means that  everything in your life was placed on purpose.  and if you are dissatisfied with your life, then you got to change something inside yourself.  then your life will immediatly change(also affecting everyone else in some form).  if you align with your abilitys, then in time, you will see their  purpose in the physical events(that include us all..  In a sense, we are all puppets, but in a much greater sense, we have not yet discovered what we are all capable of(TOGETHER(ONE GOD))...

the reason all this is possible is because our mind energy(electromagnetic(pulled by purposes through timed events(all events of EVERY lifetime)) is lighter than matter(for our human heart to live). and matter(we all share together), is reflection of a much more weighed  intertwined purposes pulled by US all(mind and matter).   say hello to holy spirit(elemental law(everything is always in motion)      god gene(electromagnetic pulsations) and brain currents are the same thing.   we are the ENERGY(MIND)

if you havnt successfully consiously connected with mind and events, then at the very least, understand now WHY PRAYERS WORK.   when you do a prayer, dont forget later on, to search to see if there was an affect.  and in prayers, pay attention to PURPOSE.   If you just  do a prayer and dont know how they work, then you may not have to tools (BLOCKS) to use prayers in its fullest abilitys.  most people do prayers only through ritual and walk away expecting nothing new.