(everything is energy and information)
I think of emotion as PURE ENERGY(spark connecting probabilitys).  The same emotional energy powers love/hate/anger/ideas ect...
i see thoughts as information(data) and direction(through creative processes(shared)).
i see feelings as a combination of energy(emotion) and Information(thought).
that means that the difference between "emotion" and "feeling" is that one is of "energy",
and the other is of "Energy AND Information".
ONE way of recognizing thoughts is to think of them as a DIRECTION(attractions from our deepest creativity).

I think of a feeling of having a much greater structure involving multi-dementional attractions using thoughts as anchors to route "direction of attention" to "consiousness".

I had a debate with someone which led me on a journey to find out which comes first(thought or feeling).
What my thoughts(direction) led me to is that at one angle, feelings(having intertwined thought structures) are the source of
influence linking feelings to other feelings through thought attractions(using consiousness similaritys).

Another way to think of it is where we see things through THOUGHT(for the consious mind) not really
undersanding the source(or multiple sources) but see the raw DATA at the crossings.
  Feelings cannot exist without thought.  Think of thoughts as anchors(direction) connecting different concepts(ideas, ego, beliefs)
to the consious mind.

What is really happening is that a feelings always consist of multi - intertwined - thoughts  that can direct us to other forms of thinking
through structures from feelings(matter world) that radiate pushing us in different directions depending on attractions we find within the connected structures.

    Your beliefs, ego, and other forms of structures(mental tools) are directed to consiousness through thought. 
 what i learned is that NEITHER(thought nor feelings) COMES FIRST.
   A feeling cant be a feeling(to us) unless a thought or 2 is attached(anchored).
These thoughts open doorways to other forms of mental tools that we can always pick up and put down at will.  We are never bound.

These thought structures have power and data which usualy becomes an ignored feeling(full of data) which can be used to open new
 doorways allowing consiousness to grow.  You cant see all your thoughts(further back in time a thought is, the quicker we will seem to forget).  They become natural feelings thanks to the deeper
structures that we percieve as feelings(driving force) combined with such structures as EGO, belief, doubts, ideas(internal shared logic).

What this means is thought is DIRECTION for consiousness(manifest using the original Context of the KNOWLEDGE(universal))

  Its just hard to write thought(from feeling) using words  that redirect thoughts in different directions
depending on who i talk to and what mental tools they and i have at  the top of our minds at  the moment
and also words we use to express our thoughts/feelings and structures.

Why is this important,   How can i use this info:

First of all, this info is usable because if your aware of certain things, you can adapt quicker to new understandings that will make future choices more simpler because they will work around the same structures already in place.  Be aware of the mental tools you have that are also connected to all others.  This way you will think less of time and space, and more of how consiousness is all around you within physical matter and events.  other forms of confusions will start to become more clearer(as you align with the ORIGINAL KNOWLEDGE).