The GOD Concept       

 On the Earth at one point or another, There may be 7 billion People.   If you asked any of them if god exist, you would get that many answers of yes or no.
The question itself does not allow leeway to even answer what you asked.  Each person has their own slight change(universal LOGIC) of what the 3 letter word means.
  Because of our creative processes of space and time, we deny our own connection with god(original form).  We throw away responsibility. and hide from the REAL TRUTH(above our own logic)

In order to see whats really going on, you need to set down the concept of belief and ask "what if". 
Also human traits such as "can never being wrong" get in the way of connecting.

 As i read somewhere, people rather have more 9/11 accurrances before admiting one time that they may be wrong.  This is why religion is strong.
people will defend their deceptions(consumed within their own logic).   This doesnt mean that they are wrong, This just means that you created other posibilitys that others are living and you seperate your self from yourself.(STEP INTO THE LOGIC OF HOLY SPIRIT)
     In order to learn what god is, you must learn about yourself(global self).  Why do you respond the way you do.  You must then consider that everyone around you
is an extention of self.   To battle someone for example would mean that you are battling some form of yourself.   Your thoughts have realitys at their own level which are extentions of self.  Each person is a part of your true self.   This self(everything you experience at all levels) is closer to god and gives responsibility if you can accept(become aware of a greater logic).  

god is just a 3 letter word that labels that seperation of creative processing(filtered through many logics). 
The truth is that the force is god and self.   I cant exist without YOU(consiousness).  you cant exist without me(consiousness). 
  We are not even aware of what our brain(tricks us into accepting a version of self) does.  One example is that,  We believe in a time line.    We believe that we were born.  We believe that we will die.  We believe that our past happened in a timely fashion.  What you may not realize is that , that our brain gives us that illusion.  Our birth is a memory that is happening NOW.  Our future death is happening NOW.  the world is constantly changing for our needs as our awareness does.   Every dream is happening now. 

example:  we believe in time, that we grow older.  i been experimenting and trying to trick myself into knowing that we grow younger.  since i did  this, people
believe i am younger and commenting.  i look in the mirror, and feel and see younger. 
  Our brain has this flooding of structures that allow us to see how we see.    We are all keys of consiousness(connecting to this god).  that force is YOU known as "I"

    If you were to strip away the concepts of god, It gets replaced with other concepts and you may have a better chance of connecting to that force. 
The world shows you who you are.  wars represent battling some form of yourself.  Each sense(such as evil) comes from self. evil cant exist without self.   If you hate someone, you hate a part of yourself.  acceptance(part of love) allows you to re-connect.  

right and wrong come from self.  put god first, means put self first("I AM").   It doesnt mean to throw your kids away cause your concept of god says that god comes first.   instead, you must set the concept of god aside, and fight for your kids and then and only then have you put god first.

When you can happily sit down knowing your kids are safe, then god is happy.  that means that in order to PUT GOD FIRST, you MUST set god aside.

Another part of the god concept is death.   You may tend to believe the nothingness of death and live fear.   That fear and death is you.  It is natural to feel what you feel when you think of it, but its only because you structured it that way(PERSONAL LOGIC).   like i said earlier, if i tell myself that i age younger instead of older, i will find myself growing younger.   BUT, you must be aware of your core beliefs.   One core belief affects multiple unrelated beliefs.  Sometimes you may learn to restructure(constantly) your way of thinking for this to happen.   Beliefs in the bible was not meant to be about believing in ONE TRUE GOD.   instead, it was refering to the fact "THAT YOU BELIEVE".  Psychics believe they predict the future, but i believe  that i create future
events then live them.  thats why i see in advance.  This concept may also explain de-javu.  Our birth and death involves structured lives.  Our lives involves other forms of life.  Each of us get closer to god when we accept other parts of self.
Our brain connects to a hidden force outside of science and religion. 

Explanation:  When i was in the hospital, i was  thinking of ways to notice an event before and after an accurance.  Shortly after a person next to me told me that there should be a code(refering to a news situation on tv) which i thought to be a bit strange.  Cooincidencially,  Less than a minute later, a person was yelling for help cause his father quit breathing.
This father turned blue and died.  They brought him back to life.  Shortly after the cleanup, a doctor came out looking for someone with the name of BLUE. 
i was thinking of how to see a death before this happened, and cause of the way i think, it presented itself. 
From my point of view, CODE BLUE was what i was looking for.  code before,  and blue after.   I remember thinking to myself that it would be the perfect situation
if a doctor came out looking for someone with the last name of blue, and it happened.  

This showed me what i was looking shortly after i asked for it.  Its because i allowed the possibility to exist with the way i structured my way of seeing things(Greater LOGIC).
  This event is a part of me that shows me(manifestation).  It seems  to be a seperate consiousness that we call god, but the god is self.  we cant exist without the other.

we are in gods image. 
To tell people that we are god will result in denyal when telling another self consiousness(friend or family member in human  form)(extentions of self) cause that means that we have had to be wrong in our ways of looking and seeing things.

any interpertation of what i put here is your own(shared).  and your own interpertation will tell me about me(information(future programming)).   I can see all possibilitys because i allow myself to.
its as real as we make it to be.   When we all learn to work together, then we become closer to god, and more possibilitys will create themselves.  
we being our own limitations