Coding of KARMA

    Karma protects us from ourselves.  this is neccessary so we are not CONSUMED by our own logic
we have senses deep within  that may be far advanced for our own level of consiousness to see clearly.
   As we grow, we make mistakes.  It is only natural that we learn from them.  We set boundarys for ourselves. 

when any part of our self goes beyond our own limits, we have traps that have intent to protect ourselves from placing unexpected LIMITS.
karma is a sense we created that connects ego and self worth(set within the elements).  
  It is true that all good deeds are not neglected.   your own rule...

parts of karma involve "trust", "patience", "hope", "creativity", "self worth".....

within the KNOWLEDGE(shows logic), Karma is set(with purpose) within the elements.   when we lose path from our own hearts, we tend to lose the logic.  the logic BOUNDS you within your own CONSUMEDNESS

KARMA is never a bad thing, it is a good thing as should be thanked.