HUMAN HEART("Meaning Of Life")

   Creativity "within us all" is  that connection that keeps that constant flow of life.

 Motion(E) is connected to MIND(Creativity) as Time(Direction) while Space(Heart) = Purpose(Logic) .
  Every idea that every person has interacts with elemental law where each thought is someone else's experience.  Every idea is always in the
NOW(physical world).  What we focus on brings actuality(truth) to all. TRUTH(invisible strings) is constantly changing(except elemental law).

  The ABSOLUTE is always in motion....   we are that motion.
Its that motion(Energy) that allows the absolute to exist.   Each person is just a tiny element in such a much bigger fluxuation of consciousness
that we all support.

  The true entity from our human point of view is the mind(god) that is set in space(physical outer space(HEART)..   We LIVE IN OUR OWN "MIND"(literally)...

The meaning of life is to keep that constant CREATIVITY(love) that allows ETERNAL LIFE(for all) to exist(LOGIC).  Every person(within all the confusions of time) is important for the whole PURPOSE(HEART) to show itself. When we lose purpose(HEART), we cut the cords(of life), But we never die(only through concept).   Every element only requires certain events(spread in time) from attractions(heart(humans)) to rebuild itself into the body(Physical world(and all sub-feelings) that allows individuals to run freely. 

Every space(PURPOSE(HEART)) has recycled consciousness(LOGIC)  that affects every decision when aligned in that space.existence. The physical may show a different body, but the true Self lays within the langauge of the ELEMENTS(communications)..   You may notice that certain rooms or spots have certain energy patterns that are unique from its surroundings(our memorys of each moment is recorded outside of our limited version of TIME)... 

We need to STRETCH our concepts and perceptions in order to SEE....   Bring back out that child within us... Dont be afraid of judgements from others because their(OUR) judgements are our expectations that we constantly recycle...  Every idea from Our human heart(from your individual POV) will be exerienced by the creator(karma in you).   You cant escape from yourself(and its best this way)..  Who you are is NOT determined by the moments(constantly changing). Who you are is shown in time(MIND) and space(your soul). The directions in life give clues to your internal(eternal) flow.  If you LIVE your TRUE heart, Then you KNOW what to expect in your future.  The connections we share show our true body from heart.  The heart is constructed from ONE MIND(shared by all) and one BODY(shared by all).  That means that every planet and star has the same impact as an atom and nucleus.. we literally live inside ourselves(as a unit).   What we focus on doesnt just become truth, but your focus(from heart) allows you to interact(become) part of that energy you support...  It is wrong to say "i live in christ"(or any other god(our concepts)) and at the same time say "i am not worthy" because the unworthyness is repeled by the christ(peace) you seek..  To be a christian means that you have to have value in yourself(peace for all mankind).  That Value will attract the experiences you live(your WILL upon earth(and all life within)).  Every idea radiates with direction(time(mind).  When you keep focus in one area, You give up something else.  To protect a belief(conditioned), means that you have disconnectED from anything that goes against.  We limit our own creativity. The trick to beliefs are to align beliefs with elemental law that awakens awareness(heart) within us all(FULL FREQUENCY RANGE). When we trust in ALL BELIEFS(creativity), then you can see the evolution in us evolving.

To say "lets just agree to disagree" only supports a disconnect.  Instead we should find similaritys in our own differences(our differences are through purpose(heart). This allows ideas to combine which shows "our" true self... Every child is born with every purpose(logic) within... The brain is perfected by everyone on the planet and their expectations in advance.  Our true consiousness knows the life of each child and every probability. WORD OF GOD actually means manifestation(grace) from mind(everyone).
The trick of EVERY BIBLE is that we are constantly creating our past as well as our own futures.  The further back in time an event is, the more important it is for our human Consiousness(unity) to "GET IT".  The bibles are clues we set in time and space for certain awakenings at the right time of awareness... there is a pre-set PATH set by us all. The clues are all around us. the invisible strings are seen if you allow yourself to break out of your own programming("WILL").  Every time we learn something new, everything that we thought we knew SHIFTS(process). If you hold fast to your beliefs, you will reject that shift(IF IT GOES AGAINST). the shift is important.  Allow your beliefs to be flexible.. When christ says BELIEVE IN HIM and him only.  He meant that we must believe in PEACE FOR ALL MANKIND(what he(we feel) stand for).  We misinterpered into thinking that his physical body is the one god. The eternal life is shown by our existance(humans) (after over 2000 years).. We all have a responsibility in protecting the human heart(everyone). We do this by loving our enemys more than our friends(they need it). Our space(purpose(HEART) brings hope even in the most destructive disconnected person whom at one time or another, we've all become... We need our differences to keep eachother afloat(that constant flow).
ABSOLUTE(MIND"everyone")  with (BODY"everyone") glued by (ELEMENTAL LAW:  law of "attraction + unity") = PEACE IN ALL(HUMAN HEART)


EXPERIMENT:  will add one later