Physical matter(Thought) VS consiousness(Mirror Of Self)


   The brain seems to be the connection(through thought) that links events(physical matter) into a form of consiousness(connected to other forms of consiousness).  
The confussion starts by our concept of space and  time.  The dillusion that Time creates a (past and future)  when at other layers of consiousness, They are one and the same.      

You have to break out of your own ways of seeing things in order to go beyond your own limits .  {WE("I")} have to be creative.    The 'Emotional spark' (some call it
LOVE(emotion))  gives it all life.   We are the Battery.  Our brains emit mulitple magnetic frequencys(inward and outward) connecting OUR mind to the physical matter that creates our experiences through Events from the shifting caused by our frequencys(feelings)....

     The connection is that OUR consiousness is the creator(the center radiancy).    your job is to become SELF AWARE...
The source of THOUGHT comes from the physical matter around US(water and other elements) while you set the stage(at a higher level of consiousness) and step back through your beliefs and mental structures that create the dillusion that you set for yourself.  
You have full control through the elements that you attract.  Everyone else is your probabilitys that you created at other layers of consiousness for yourself as they created you. 

Wake up and be responsible(listen to your own feelings coming from your surroundings).  They mean something to your consiousness(from sub-consious).  Remove beliefs and listen to the creative thoughts.   What is the world telling you and how do you feel. 
Illnessess are ALWAYS self inflicted (through belief structures)..
   There are higher forms of consiousness working within Our own.
A frequency(feeling to us) gets emitted when you can see all our minds as one as creative knowing while attracting an experience while listening to the physical matter around you..   The emotional meaning of life is YOU.  The creation IS our own.  
We are one.  The frequencys always starts within YOU(part of US) first, and physical matter come second through magnetic tradeoffs.. 

The hairs on your skin are doing their jobs when a certain set of frequencys "such as wind" connect with it.   It is unconsious(at our level) data traded through the brain from physical transferances that we tend to seperate resposibility when "wind" is in fact our own force at other levels of consiousness confused through belief structures.

Thoughts are not just a form of information.  They are attached to other forms of its own existance while making us up(magnated frequencys(matter(emotion))). 
Feelings(frequencys) are pulled through "thought".  Thoughts are switches that can be moved from one side to the other with our full control.   Our feelings regulate the outcome of our experience.   When You are angry, dont blame the physical event attached, instead, ask yourself what are you trying to tell yourself.  What is it that you are bringing to your attention and what experiences should be expected and what possibilitys are attached.  go that next step.... your subconsious will do the rest.  just trust your feelings(and then seperate youself from the feelings.  you will find that most feelings are not your own.)

EXPERIMENT:   Some of you can remember dreams, and some of you chose that you cant.  You dont even try and forget the importance.  
Now imagine the waking life that you live as a dream, and that you have resources to look up the meanings.  Throughout your experiences(waking life), take note of important repeats that you feel that you may never know the purpose of  the data(experience).  Now, go to a library or bookstore and try to look up pieces of data through multiple "dream books"(One book works better with each individual but you must find it).  The interpertations will match what you have been feeling ALWAYS. 
It matches the current experiences even throughout time as things change(as long as you KNOW it will).       One example of a dream event could be -walking around with no shirt-.   if you look up "SHIRT", it may refer to "restrictions".  In the meanwhile(in waking life), you may be suppressed everyday by an employee or boss that is preventing you from using your skills in its fullest potential and it triggers emotional feelings.    The dream(SHIRT) and wake(EMPLOYEE or BOSS) event is one and the same(share the same frequency(through matter as thought)).. 
     Knowing what i said above(if all else, as a probability), imagine(conceptualize) new probabilitys if it is a real probability..   Then use those new probabilitys as though they are fact(as experiment), and see if the new knowledge leads you to new invisible strings therefore waking up new layers of consiousness that were there all the time...

     If you decide to work with your subconsious mind and see outside your ordinary way of seeing, Then you may learn to recoginize invisible strings that show new doorways to experiences that seem to radiate from a source that you control(THE NON-PHYSICAL BRAIN(through the physical world)).   You will attach new concepts of consiousness as a viewpoint while opening a new mental doorway that you will never be able to close once opened.   the gift will be yours forever.
If you do it right, you will find yourself always in a state of learning.  You will find that the world works around YOU and not the other way around.  you will find that you may be feeling other's most inner true feelings.

Think about  the natural disasters happening now as it nears 2012.   Then Think about all the predictions and clues that lead up to them. 
Then think that we believed them to happen before they happened. 
Its not that a prediction was made, It was that we tricked ourselves into believing them into existance  giving them structure.  trying to be RIGHT. 
The rest of the events in life worked around them and through them beyond time and space.  .   we are the consiousness point of radiancy creating the whole schenary even before birth.....

another way to look at it is that we all can relate to having some form of EGO.  We shape it and give it meaning.   Then we train ourself
to fight it believing that it blinds us some way or that it  is too strong.  We label EGO as bad.   What you must realize is that the ego is a part of you, and if you
train yourself to always battle a part of yourself(ego), then you will form illnessess.  You must learn to accept the ego as a good thing as it fights unnatural guilt and it gives you extra energy of confidence.   All you have to do is learn ballance.   If you have negative thoughts about any part of yourself, you will attract negative experiences.  
so think of bad feelings as senses instead of experiences.  

Instead of thinking of the SUB-consiousness mind(and all other layers)  as seperate from your consiousness, Think of them instead of feelings(frequencys) not yet tapped into(and labeled) that still come from the brain(the other 90 or 70 percent) that connect to other elements that make up your phsyical body.  
As other layers of feelings(water or other frequencys) are activated, the world changes around you as you learn self control and self awareness(connect with your most inner feelings and awaken experiences)...