First, Psychic is a label that represents certain abilitys within a person.
  We all live in a narrow minded framework of existance.  Our concepts limit what we can do and percieve.   Even though psychics work outside the average mindframe, that doesnt mean that their way is the right way. their way is just ONE way.  We can create any abilitys if we try.      

The truth is  that the world as we perceive, is an extention of our most inner beliefs and ways of seeing things.  To have a black president represents giving power to someone else.   People in the middle east fighting against their own governements represent overcoming of fears.   The world changes as you do.  Thoughts attract similar Thoughts as So do events.
If you were to KNOW that the world is your puppet in a good way, then you can change your way of thinking and watch new concepts create themselves in the world. 

Psychics are an extention of self. 
If you believe that psychis are not real, then i am your probability.   br /> If you believe that psychics exist, then i can help you grow more.

&   We are all keys seen as consiousness. 
Psychics are not predicting future events, They are creating future events (from my keypoint way of seeing things).   i label them as "Destiny Givers" 

  We project probabilitys outward with a dilousion of time.   
 BELIEVing and KNOWing can be very powerful.  they can also preventing growth.  Creativity is what is at play. 
Our brains have transmitters(send) and responders(recieve).   When you see creative thought in your mind,  You give it value and meaning as so does the meaning and value create YOU. 
The feelings that come from your mind are the responses from the already laid out events from the auspice within the mind that translates between inner and outer levels of consiousask yourself what impressions is your mind getting
Each flashing thought structure in your mind means something.   r /> It sends a feeling and responses of structured thoughts.  Each thought structure have beginings and ends.   There are no random thoughts without purpose.   You can trace your thoughts to future events when linked with other waves of info.

&n   If you do it right,  each  thought that you usually ignore, will make yourself find yourself fighting against your own beliefs.   
Example:  this isnt real , cause i believe that.r /> &n  When you reach outside your usual way of seeing things,  What expressions(events) do your thoughts make you think of.  What do they  guide you  to?   
Instead of me predicting the outcome, why you dont you be  the predicture.   example:   If your thoughts were to make future events through the power
of knowing, then what future events should i expect through your ways of seeing things.   
    The last step is to sit back, and wait for events expected.      Your doubts may have an effect of the outcome....r /> be creative....

i i consider psychics as not predicting future events, instead i see them as "destiny givers".  They help redirect the consious mind to an expectation that physical matter will follow as train of thought.
i am in no way saying that psychic abilitys dont exist.  im actually trying to say  the opposite.
there is more to learn.....span>