STORAGE of Personal MEMORYS and experiences

 Our Mind(as we think of it) stores experiences...

     Our memorys become stored experiences using a form of magnetic connection used to attract(our concept) to consiousness. 
During the moment of any experience(NOW), we radiate emotional responses(behind the schenes mostly) as feelings and attract other similaritys(other moments). 
 We create many probabilitys and see them in the mind's eye for just a moment.   You then anylize to see what probable situation YOUR(actually from devine) feelings accepts.
   The next time you see 2 people talking, listen to how one conversation jumps to
another because of the memory access the 2nd person is remembering due to the similiartys.

These feelings are from an inner source.   We interper as a physical response(brain). 
What if you can access these thoughts(memorys) consiously and change the feelings which in turn change future and past events.   
     The truth is  that we do this all the time(refering to multiple moments).

We can change the past and future events by making the data mean different things therefore writing out our future by changing feelings. 

     You live your life by accessing these moments.  Every dream from your childhood are still active now as they were then.

Think of yesterday as NOW. 
Think of tomorrow as NOW.
Think of NOW as opportunity.  Every probable expectation injects itself into reality with the current solid situation at the same time you think them. 
each memory passing your consious mind has a solid reality at its own level of consiousness..   Every memory is still active.

If you deny connectivness with a friend(now an enemy) as an example, you access memorys that project to future responses. 
Hate may turn into a "NO"  without even knowing why anymore.    You just FEEL and KNOW.

These memorys(experiences) have an impact on future outcomes.   You can alter them using INTENT and KNOWING by listening to the feelings(radiant thought attraction).

 The truth is that we are connected to all these memorys and access them all the time. 
We feel them but may not know that we can add to them and/or rewrite them.  These usually end up forgotten natural feelings that work behind the schenes.  
We have senses that we created that are now as natural as walking without the consious knowing of each muscle coordination.

Sciences can create the possibility that our subconsiousnes and/or superconsiousness is always active. 
This level of consiousness is what causes the illusion of our birth happening 10, 20, 30 years ago,  instead of now.  
Even our death has happened at this level of NOW....
It ts our way of thinking and moment access from events that we constantly re-write events outward and forward allowing us to feel backwards while  thinking forward.
This is how god is actually "I" as interpertation.   To accept this theory means that you re-write your history changing future and past events with different understandings.

You can create new past events by hiding unlocked data aka events(with knowing) through out consiousness by adding a belief. 
Every thought and feeling are for US from US.   Every person in existance is an extention of self.  They are your probabilitys.
Predictions from other people such as notradomus are info you placed to access at the right time, under right circumstances, for the right level of consiousness. 
Everything is YOU.  

This life consists of all your memorys and how much energy you use(important) to constantly change the info therefore writing time in one direction as an illusion.
 GOD is just a collection of possible memorys that is unknown to an undiscovered level of consiousness

We seperate ourselves from ourselves.
There is always a purpose that comes within YOU("I") first before put into existance that affects everyone else.
The question you should ask is ("What came first, Physical Reality,  or Consiousness"?)    You may have a chance of seeing god if you try to accept the possibility.
ALL is discovered and undiscovered layers of information(from you) . 

Simply put, we are consiousness that  share and access the same memorys in key consiousness points emiting energy feeding a feeling that write our existance.   
10 people  thinking the same thought structure is 1 same memory shared by 10 people(ten selves).   We just tend to pile up onto layers of one altering possibility.

  This is one area on consiousness where you can view other people's intent and interpertations as pieces of data revealing hidden strings(mind reading). 
The future is seen as feelings...

Just remember what happens when you learn to walk.   You dont even think of the muscle interactions as time goes.  It comes natural where we dont think of it anymore. 
All this type of invisible strings lie within the subconsious that is still active and holds all your experiences without time and space.

     Our concepts limit us from seeing(and doing)..  It is time to adapt to new understandings therefore re-writing out past events unlocking new codes..
   There are more layers of info and experiences waiting to be tapped(put by U)...
Dont forget to listen to the feelings behind each of your thought structures that come to your consiousness mind(as you think of it)...
    Our consiousness, connected with all others(extensions of self) combined brings out your true self by radiating energy(us as a whole)  from present situations(now) back and forth changing time events with the new feelings....

What are you adding.  What choices do you wish to bring out. 
Listen to the feelings(even the idea from this page will be a flash of a memory with power(but you see it forever))   ...

It becomes into physical reality before your eyes as an event during the thinking of every ongoing passing feeling..
The more you give in life, the more you recieve in life.   You save this memory that radiates as it attracts.

An experiment you can do:  

One experiment i ask you to do is to listen to people's conversations and see how one moment(in descusion) leads to another. 
You will see that the people dont realize that one thought accesses the other person's thoughts by triggering experiences.

They dont even realize the direction that the conversation leads them.
but you can learn expectations and know the outcome by knowing the invisible strings that control their responses....